How to Write the Highest-Performing AdWords Ads, Ever

Writing AdWords ads can be extremely frustrating because you need to fit all your ad copy into such a tiny space.

You have to get creative to stand out from the nine other advertisers you’re sharing real estate space with (or as few as four competitors if you’re on mobile).

So how do you do it?

I’m here to give you some proven tactics you can use to write AdWords ads that will bring you higher click-through rates, higher Quality Scores and higher conversion rates.

Mirror the visitor’s end goal

Advertisers sometimes lose sight of what their customers are truly looking for. I call this “The End Goal”: what people ultimately want to accomplish with the help of your product or service.

Use countdown timers to trigger loss aversion

Did you know that we’re more readily motivated by the idea of losing out than the idea of gaining something?

This commonly known psychological force is called loss aversion and it can be a powerful way of boosting your AdWords click-through and conversion rates.

Keep your ads current

The concept of being current and timely is pretty intuitive; what happened recently will get more eyeballs and interest than what happened three months ago.

The same is true with your AdWords ads.

Get super specific

Numbers are easy to digest and understand, and studies show that incorporating them into your copy can make it appear more accurate and credible.

Make things personal

Words like that fail to focus on the customer’s needs and can hurt your chances of getting a click – not to mention they’ve been shown to hurt conversions on landing pages, too.

Make your ads hyper-local

A lot of advertisers target more than just one city when creating their AdWords campaigns. Many even advertise nationally. Even if you offer services world-wide, you want to be welcoming to your potential customers and show them that help is right around the corner.

You may already have an 800 number that you use for all your AdWords call extensions and landing pages, or maybe even a pool of 800 numbers. But did you know that having phone numbers with geographic proximity to the visitor can double your conversion rates?

By creating geographic-specific AdWords campaigns and have your ad copy and call extensions specific to that geographic area as well.The goal here is to let your prospective customers know that you’re right around the corner, with a helping hand.

Test your heart out

With so many of your competitors worrying about 1,000 things other than writing better ads, you now have the ammunition to make your AdWords ads the most glorious ads in the world (read: the best-performing ones).