What is Pay for Performance SEO?

Whether you have a brand new web site or an established web presence, site owners always welcome increased web traffic and revenue. One way to achieve this to hire an Internet Marketing firm who offers a pay for performance SEO pricing model. This model can be either one or a combination of three different types of performance metrics.
Keyword Rank

A web site can pay based on their position in an agreed list of keywords between the firm and themselves. For instance, a client would have to pay when a particular keyword consistently ranks in a particular position (more likely between position one and three).

Another way a firm can gauge their effectiveness is based on an increase of revenue to a web site. In the beginning the client and the firm establishes a baseline of revenue and when a certain percentage increase is achieved, the firm gets paid.
Web Site Traffic

The last way a firm can demonstrate their effectiveness is by increased web site traffic. Typically, this will be a sum of all traffic sources (direct links, social media, etc). The firm will more than likely use a wide range of SEO methods such as link building, article marketing, and social media to increase their client’s web site traffic.

The advantage of the pay for performance SEO pricing model is that the client gets to see tangible results before they pay for the firm’s services.

Source :JasonBartHome