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Web Design

According to many studies, over 75% of internet traffic originates at search engines. Whether you have a beautiful website, or one that needs a little TLC, you might as well not have one at all if it is not showing up on the search engines. Being found can mean the difference between growing your business and shrinking it. SEO affects businesses so dramatically that when done correctly and efficiently, it can make the difference between hiring more employees, and closing the doors for good. At ONLINEPROZ we work with you as consultants to learn your goals, and come up with a plan to help you achieve them. We combine on-page optimization techniques such as creating conversion forms, auditing the domain authority, and creating quality content with off-page techniques that are white hat (legitimate) and efficient. These techniques include QUALITY backlinking (did we emphasize QUALITY?!), Quality directory submissions, video creation, social media, and so much more. Each campaign is different, so we don’t have a cookie cutter definition, but we love working with our clients to show them everything we do, their rankings, traffic, etc. as well as how we got them there. At ONLINEPROZ we are never going to be your sales representatives. We will always be your consultants.


You know Social Media is important, but you don’t know how to get started. Or you’re a seasoned pro that simply doesn’t have the time anymore. Whatever your level of involvement, OnlineproZ is on your side. Let us explain to you how to smartly use social media in your marketing campaign!


Take your business to the next level. OnlineproZ creates cutting edge websites every day. To check some out, look at our recent projects tab, or give us a call!


Now that your business has a great website, it’s time to Be Found! Imagine that your website is a billboard. You’ve made the investment, so why leave it in your garage?! Get your billboard in front of the millions of people using the search engines every day with SEO by ONLINEPROZ!