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The final aspect of advanced on-page optimizations I want to talk about is this concept of keyword segmentation. We segment our traffic data in Google Analytics all the time, but we don’t segment our keyword data in the same way. So using tools like STAT, we can actually create keyword segments any time we do some type of on-page optimization. If we update entities, if we update freshness, if we update EAT, we can create keyword segments in all of those different instances. And then, over time, we can compare the segments against each other and measure what the most important ones have been. That will actually give you better data about what type of on-page optimizations work best for your specific sites.

Source: https://moz.com/blog/advanced-seo-optimizations-whiteboard-friday?fbclid=IwAR34CDUtuplrJ9gDj1fV1BmWCkoowNk3iE5AV32jVz7vdc8LaT3JBABVyU0

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